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Home organiser Axelle Boudet

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The art of Feng Shui

Organization is not a question of perfection. It's about being in harmony with yourself and your lifestyle.

As you may know, we can support 7 mental loads : a job, a house, a spouse, a child etc.

Beyond that, we risk overload, potentially resulting in a "burn out". 

My wish is to help you lighten your mental load, to bring you "happiness" in your life by accompanying you, listening to your needs and providing you with tailored practical solutions. 

The art of Feng-Shui helps create a welcoming and calming atmosphere, which promotes harmony.


Home office Home organiser à Genève Axelle Boudet

Work at home in the best possible conditions; be settled, comfortable and focused. This can be your reality!

Changement de vie Home organiser à Genève Axelle Boudet

A birth, a death, a separation, or any new start where you need to revisit how you organise the space around you.

Lifestyle Change

Chalet de vacances Home organiser à Genève Axelle Boudet

Chalet or Holiday House

What a pleasure it is to arrive and everything is at your disposal. Alone or with others, everything is designed to welcome you and help you relax! 

Préparation d'un bien à la vente avec un home organiser à Genève

Preparation prior to a sale

With 'home staging' and 'depersonalization' methods, future buyers will be able to better imagine themselves in their new abode.

Déménagement classique avec un home organiser à Genève

Classing Moving

Leaving is never easy; what with the emotional and mental load that it bears. You are not alone. I'm here to help you get organized and always with a smile!  

Déménagement sénior avec un home organiser à Genève

Rester chez soi avec des solutions adaptées à votre état physique ou vous accompagnez dans une transition de votre vie en emmenant l'essentiel avec vous, c'est ma mission.

Provide adaptive solutions to homes to meet new physical needs or accompany you in a transition, such as down-sizing.

Senior relocation

Garage cabane de jardin cave & grenier avec un home organiser à Genève

Garage, Garden shed, Cellar & Attic

These spaces are less "glamorous" but so valuable! If boxes are piled up, albeit with the good intention of sorting them, one day….. call me!



Axelle taught me how to organize my home! I didn't used to dare invite my friends over because I was ashamed of my badly organised apartment.  It's a small apartment and the furniture was inadequate and dysfunctional. Before the transforamation, I found decision-making difficult and was not at ease in my surroundings. Thanks to the Feng Shui layout, I now sleep better, I cook more, and am more peaceful.


In Axelle, I found a true listener, who provides a truly personalised support. I really enjoyed this coaching. I needed a coach with a holistic approach; wider than an interior designer or architect. Axelle was able to reassure me and together, we found ways to organize that suited me. I recommend her for her kindness and her ability to listen!

Mathilde C.

 I don`t know where i`d be without her smile, dynamism and tips! My children have even started to tidy-up and I no longer (almost) hear the cries: "Muuuuuuum, where are my… ..? " A dream!

Anne-Cécile B.

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