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Qui est Axelle Boudet Home Organiser

Who i am?

Where to start? 

This is not a question of turning your home into a "Pinterest or Instagram" image, rather, an offering of real life solutions to your practical and organisational challenges. 

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about! Having been fortunate enough to have had three beautiful boys in 5 years and in 8 years, have simultaneously managed 4 house moves, including 2 house renovations, while continuing to work. Of course, there were times when I doubted myself and felt very alone. 

These experiences taught me to find solutions to lighten my daily mental load. I learned small, but simple and effective strategies. I then started to apply my new found interest and love of organization and "well-being" within the company where i worked. Soon, i was being asked for help by friends and colleagues and before i knew it, i was in demand and my business venture was born!

Axelle Boudet Home Organiser à Genève
Axelle Boudet Home Organiser à Genève
Axelle Boudet Home Organiser à Genève

Information about my background


October 2020 - June 2021

Training Coach in Interior Design - Home-Staging

History of Design, the layout, the color, the light ...

Home Staging

Sketchup software

Decoration of bedrooms and living rooms

Bathrooms / wooden floor / lighting

CNFDI - Datadock certified - Under State Educational Control

October 2020 - April 2021

Training "Feng-Shui of HEALTH and Professional Spaces"

January 2020 -  April 2020

Training "Becoming Home-Organizer": Successfully graduated!

Feng Shui applied to professional spaces: Layout and furnishing of offices and retail spaces.

Health: the link between the body and the spirit, as well as the link between the body and our energy / the 5 main organs.


Datadock certified body - Guillaume REY

The field of competence of the Home-Organizer

Home-Organizing and Home-Management: The qualities of this profession

Focus on consumerism and materialism

Understanding the disorder and its consequences

The different sorting and storage methods 

Achieving efficiency and productivity within the organisation

Cabinet Temps & Equilibre - FFPO (French-speaking Federation of Organization Professionals) - Diane Ballonad Rolland

October 2019 -  April 2020

Training "Initiation to the concepts of layout with Feng-Shui": Successfully graduated!

September 2019

Occupational Health Training: How To Protect Yourself From Burnout

The basic principles of efficient circulation

The layout and furnishings of an interior space

The impact of having `choice`when accommodating a family

Landscape and garden

Clarification of living spaces

Datadock certified Datadock - Guillaume REY

Define the characteristics of psychosocial risks

Understanding interpersonal communications

Coping & meditation

Evaluate human energy and metabolism

Understanding of complementary/ alternative medicine


February 2017 - July2019

Office Manager - Chief Happiness Officer

Company: Paprika Communication Agency - Annecy le Vieux

Office Manager: Management of the agency's general, legal, HR and accounting services

CHO : implementation of `happiness` in the agency. Layout of spaces, Ayurvedic massages for employees, fruit basket and other sweets, concierge.

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