Organisation de votre vie familiale

Organizing your family life

Many of you know the principles of 'business management' but we forget that it can be applied in the home too! (-the budget, family planning, household chores etc) In the same way, the smooth running of a household is everyone's business; everyone can and should help. I would like to help turn this vision into a reality; a functional and harmoneous family!

Home Management


Home management Axelle Boudet


Axelle Boudet Home Organiser à Genève

For Who?

  • For those who dream of simplifying their lives

  • For those who want to optimize their routines and their ways of doing things

  • For those who want to spend more time with family, friends and doing their hobbies


  • Identify the things that weigh you down and take unnecessary time and energy. 

  • Design a personalized organization of your daily life: management of linen, meals, shopping, administrative papers …

  • Set up sustainable solutions that suit you




Family planning

Punctual & weekly household